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The U.S. Military’s Plan for London-Like Riots

CONPLAN 3502 is the U.S. military’s plan for assisting state and local authorities in the event of a riot or major civil disturbance… is rumored to have been activated during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, during the 1999 Seattle WTO … Continue reading

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The Psychosis of Materialistic Confusion

A generation bred on a diet of excessive consumerism and bombarded by advertising had been unleashed, he added. “Where we used to be defined by what we did, now we are defined by what we buy. These big stores are … Continue reading

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Uprising by Youth in London

“These young people, who seem to have no stake in society, are trashing their own communities,” she said. “We cannot continue to have increasing numbers of looters on the streets night after night.” Click here to read…

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