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Undersea Internet Cables Cut AGAIN!

A series of bizarre coincidences has left several African countries experiencing significantly reduced Internet traffic. Click here to read more… Advertisements

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Windows of Opportunity in a Failed Economy

The Internet — that 200 million-person, $8 trillion global economy — As an entity, it accounts for more GDP than the Spanish or Canadian economies, and it’s growing faster than Brazil. As a sector, it is now larger than these … Continue reading

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Keeping Children Safe on the Internet

Dear Concerned Parent or Advocate, My name is Michael Muhammad. I am a local resident and Internet business owner and my experience has led me to become a passionate advocate for keeping children safe on the web. The reason for my … Continue reading

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Harvard Study Finds Teens Online Lack Ethics

In their research, the team has found that most young people are devoid of ethical thinking or consideration for others when using the web. Click here to read and view…

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