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Bee Colony Collapse Disorder May Affect Our Food Supply

The U.S. and the U.K. both reported losing a third of their honeybees in 2010. Italy lost half.  The die-offs have spread to China and India, in addition to many other countries. Click here to view… Advertisements

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Experts now stating that Food is more valuable than Silver and Gold

“Today I would buy Silver because it is 25 percent below its all time high while gold recently made an all time high , but I am not buying either today if I would buy anything today I would buy … Continue reading

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Budget cuts result in Nuclear miscue during U.S. earthquake

According to the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME), the Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory (VTSO) removed all seismographs from around the plant in the 1990s due to budget cuts. Click here to view…

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Water as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Control of the world’s water is falling into the hands of the rich and water may soon take the place of oil as the world’s most tradeable – and coveted – commodity – not a basic human right. In a … Continue reading

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We cannot grow food without water…

“Both the livelihoods of rural communities as well as the food security of city populations are at risk…the rural poor, who are the most vulnerable, are likely to be disproportionately affected,” Mueller said. Click here to read…

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The Vision of Self-Sufficiency as seen in Thailand

America has abandoned the essential idea of self-sufficiency and its people have become enslaved due to this problem are sentenced to death because of it.   For Agrarian values and self-reliance are the hallmarks of real freedom, justice and equality. Click here to … Continue reading

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U.S. Nuclear Plant Submerged – No Problema

A ten mile mandatory evacuation area for the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant is now in effect.   It is a  stated “prudent approach” for fast developing events leading to radiation releases. Click here to view more…

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