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Federal Reserve Chairman can’t remember and threatens

Highlights from Ben Bernanke’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.   Questions: What do you have to do to get impeached in this country? How much evidence does the DOJ need before it opens a criminal … Continue reading

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Trillions of Our Dollars Distributed, Missing, and We Don’t Know Where

Alan Grayson grills Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Foreign Lending.  I guess we can understand why this Congressmen Grayson was not re-elected.  For those who speak truth to power represent the people. Click here to view…

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Who’s really on first in the so-called greatest country on Earth?

There’s a reason the monumental unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare are not counted as part of the federal debt—they don’t have to be paid. Any Congress—we elect a new one every two years—can vote these obligations out of … Continue reading

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Not named Elijah for nothing – Cummings Questions Subpoena Delays for Big Banks

“You have not hesitated—in other investigations—to issue subpoenas in a matter of days when your deadlines were missed, so it is unclear why a different standard applies to this investigation,” Cummings wrote.  Click here to read more…

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