There is 300 oz of Silver In Every Tomahawk Missle

Military reports just over 200 Tomahawk missiles have been launched into Libya. It’s interesting to know that each Tomahawk missile has approximately 300 oz. of silver inside. Pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. For all obvious reasons, the US military will only use the best materials to ensure the best performing results. It’s estimated one Tomahawk missile costs approximately $750 thousand dollars each.

So far the US has successfully launched over 3 tons of silver at Libya with the Tomahawk missiles. That silver is gone forever as it has been blown into a million pieces. That is from one single missile program. What about all of the other weapons programs? Every smart bomb, tank, helicopter, fighter jet, bomber, naval vessel, and sophisticated electronic computer has a certain amount of silver in it.  As the world starts to become a more dangerous place for the US, more and more silver will be lost forever, not to mention the human lives under the missiles. “

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